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Slugs and Snails


Slugs and snails are two of the most destructive garden pests. Although their outward appearance is quite different, the main difference is that slugs lack an external shell.

Slugs and snails feed at night and prefer moist, warm conditions, which is why these pests are a particular problem on the West Coast. They rarely venture from their hiding places during cold weather or exceedingly hot spells.

Slugs and snails hatch from eggs, laid in clusters, under debris, stones, compost heaps or beneath the surface of the soil. Generally, they hatch out after 20 to 30 days of favorable weather conditions. They will then continue to grow slowly, eating vegetation. While these small slugs and snails are growing and eating, they migrate towards better feeding and sheltering conditions. It is because of this migrating habit that it is impossible to completely eliminate the slug and snail problem.

With the use of CORRY’S Slug & Snail Killer and a consistent baiting program, these pests can be reduced to a more manageable level.